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(Page updated 2-17-18)

The 2018 ATSSB All-State Band clinic/concert is now history!

Pictures will be posted soon. If you failed to purchase a large 10" all-state band patch, go to this link to order one:

Need a copy of your membership card for 2017-18? Click HERE.

If you still have trouble, contact the Executive Secretary.

NOTE -------> If you are trying to use the DIRECTORY link in the left sidebar to view the ATSSB Membership Directory, it requires you to put in your last name and ATSSB ID and is only available to ATSSB members in 2017-18. Your ATSSB ID is your current ATSSB number (without the letters - just use the numbers). This Directory lists current Active members. It does not show your current membership number. To get THAT, use the link above to get a copy of your membership card (which has your number) and receipt.

NOTICE: The Region Web Pages have been updated to reflect the realignment for 2016-18. Be sure to check out the TMEA link showing to which region each ISD is assigned.

The Executive Committee of the ATSSB State Board of Directors approved the following Region and Area alignment for 2016-18. Click HERE to view the alignment. Some Regions have been combined with others because they have few if any small schools in them.

To see where your school has been assigned in the realignment, click HERE

Use Year C in the Prescribed Audition List for auditions in 2018-2019

Here is the video shown at John Gibson's clinic at TMEA produced by Bob McClure and Brycen Welborn entitled "ATSSB - a 25-Year Journey":


ATSSB History

Click HERE to read the History of ATSSB

The State Board of Directors accepted a proposal from Robyn Kenner, daughter of Bruce Kenner, to establish the Bruce Kenner Memorial Scholarship to honor his memory. The recipient of the 2018 Bruce Kenner Memorial Scholarship was announced at the ATSSB General Session on Friday, February 16, 2018, at 3:30 p.m. in CC210 of the Convention Center: Donna Hyde from Kemp High School.

Donations are being received for the fund which will endow an annual $1000 scholarship to a Texas senior who plans to major in music to become a band director. You may always go to the link above for more information.

ATSSB has a social media presence on twitter. If you have a twitter account please add @atssb and share us with your followers. If you would like to receive messages from ATSSB via SMS, text the following message 'follow @atssb' (no quotations) to 40404. If you would like to interact with ATSSB via twitter you can also set up a twitter account at  Text message charges may apply.

Pepwear has launched an online webstore for their products that feature the ATSSB logo and service marks. They will pay a percentage of the price they receive to our ATSSB All-State Scholarship Fund. So stop by and check it out:

TMEA AAA Honor Band History (now 4A)

Click HERE to see what each band played in the Honor Band selection process and then what they played at TMEA the following year. We also have begun a similar list for Class 2A (now 3A) and Class 1A (which started as class 1A-B). The second two lists are somewhat confusing, so help is needed to sort them out (and add programs played at the honor band concert and the three tunes used the prior year when they were selected as honor band). Anyone having additional data to contribute, please contact the Executive Secretary.

Please remember that percussion auditions are unified (not separate).

Click HERE to see the Unified Percussion requirements.

Click HERE for details regarding the 2020 ATSSB COMPOSITION COMPETITION.


Frequently Asked Questions and Topics

Everything you always wanted to know about ATSSB and its audition processes, the Outstanding Performance Series, Area, State, Membership, Licensees ....... you name it. Go HERE for all the answers, forms you might need, links to places you might need, etc.


If you know of a director who passes away this year, please contact the state office ( and provide a link to the obituary if possible - or at least a date and place of death so it can be found. This is not restricted to only ATSSB members, but also directors who influenced your lives in some way. The list is kept from September 1-August 31 each year, but may include submissions earlier as needed.

Michael Brady - b. October 3, 1943, d. May 25, 2017

Colin Chichurka - b. January 13, 1978, d. September 5, 2017

Richard "Dick" Cranford - b. December 13, 1927, d. August 29, 2017

Perry Frank - b. November 10, 1955, d. June 22, 2017

Ben Hoaldridge - b. 1950, d. June 14, 2017

Randy Thomas Laran - b. July 9, 1991, d. July 28, 2017

William "Joe" Ray - b. August 10, 1949, d. February 3, 2018

Charles Richard Stone - b. December 29, 1947, d. August 12, 2017

James Luther Streit - b. February 3, 1933, d. September 14, 2017



The Suggested Audition List for Middle School auditions has been updated. The Year B Combined Percussion etudes are listed in error. The mallet etude was listed as #I on page 81 but should read #XXIII Marcia on page 81 (play all) with tempo marking of quarter note = 60-76.  The reasoning behind this is that Year B mallets are the primary instrument so must play a more difficult piece (they play a much simpler piece in Year A and Year C).

Music Loan Library

Brian Boecker at Groesbeck High School has agreed to host the ATSSB Band Music Library. This is a collection of previous All-State Band literature, all-region band program literature, etc., from which regions or individual ATSSB Active Members may borrow music. There are certain restrictions regarding its use, so read the guidelines before requesting music. The literature available is listed here: ATSSB Band Music Library

You may download the loan agreement here: Music Loan Application

If you have music left from previous region clinics, be sure to send it to Brian Boecker for inclusion with the growing ATSSB Band Music Library:

Brian Boecker, Assistant Band Director
Groesbeck High School
1202 North Ellis
Groesbeck, Texas 76642
(254) 729-4150 (voice)
(254) 729-8763 (fax) 

Apply Online for ATSSB Membership

Forgot to pay your annual ATSSB Membership Dues? Want to become a new member of ATSSB? Do you enjoy the convenience of paying online? Now you are in luck! ATSSB and have teamed up to offer an online payment system for your ATSSB Membership Application:


Just type in your information and click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page. An email will be sent to the Executive Secretary with this data and you will be taken to a second page where you can get information on where to send your dues. You can also elect to pay your dues on that page using a credit card by clicking on the PayPal logo (specify as the email recipient of the PayPal payment and be sure to note for whom the payment is being made). If you have trouble using PayPal, give them a call at 1-888-221-1161 and they will walk you through the process (you do not have to have a PayPal account to charge your dues to a credit card - just click on NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT?; ATSSB will pay the associated fees). It is set to pay the $75 dues (after October 1 dues increase to $75), so if you are a college student or retiree, be sure to select the appropriate dues.

If you would rather just download an application and mail it in with a check or school Purchase Order, click HERE for a pdf file on which you can type the information on your computer and print it out (the file will not save with information on it):

*NOTE: The membership year runs from August 1 to July 31. Dues are now $75 for Active Members (it is after October 1; the additional $25 penalty for Active Member dues goes to the ATSSB All-State Band Scholarship Fund). Associate, Retired and College Student Memberships remain $25 all year. To enter students into competition leading to membership in the ATSSB All-State Band, you must be a current Active Member of ATSSB and the Texas Music Educators Association. To enter the Outstanding Performance Series, the head director of the entering band must be a current Active Member of ATSSB.

Please be aware that an application online does not immediately grant ATSSB membership. A membership is only issued on receipt of payment of dues.



Created in 1991, ATSSB is an organization dedicated to promoting the interests of small school (Class AAAA and smaller beginning in 2014-15) bands in the state of Texas. The focus of ATSSB is on serving the needs of small school band students, directors, parents, and administrators. ATSSB meets twice each year in General Session - once in February and once in July. In addition, the ATSSB All-State Bands rehearse and perform in San Antonio in February. ATSSB Active Membership is open to any director or assistant director of a class 4A high school (beginning in 2014-15) or middle school that feeds a 4A or smaller high school or a private middle school, with classifications determined by enrollment. The school must be accredited by the Texas Education Agency or an accrediting agency approved by the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission.

Kenneth L. Griffin, Executive Secretary
2117 Morse Street

Houston, Texas 77019
713-874-1151 (voice and fax)

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